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Herbal Supplements for Feminine Health

Ladies, do you ever wish you had bigger breasts?  Be honest, have you ever stuffed your bra, added cutlets to look fuller or googled the cost of a boob job?  Have you ever wished your period cramps and migraines would magically disappear?  How about a lighter period overall?  What if I told you we had the solution to all of these feminine inconveniences and it wouldn’t take any surgery or prescription medications?  No, we don’t have a magic lamp or a genie.  Instead, we have natural herbal solutions that can help address all of these issues and so much more! 

Wild Yam and/or Fenugreek

We figured we’d start with the one that’s probably of most interest, achieving a bigger, fuller chest.  Wild yam, also known as Dioscora villosa, contains potent plant estrogens.  Estrogen is responsible for fluid retention and also stimulates breast tissue growth.  Do any of you take birth control?  If you take estrogen based birth control, you may have noticed that you’ve experienced some weight gain and fuller breasts.  The estrogen in wild yams work very much the same way.  Fenugreek is another wildly popular breast enlargement herb.  Its seeds contain an estrogenic compound that will help naturally grow your chest without the pain and expense of surgery.  The best part of all is that your breasts will be completely natural and real, just bigger like you’ve wanted.


Pueraria Mirifica Plant

Pueraria Mirifica root has been used for over a century in traditional thai medicine for both men and women to help promote youthfulness and rejuvenation.  The plant contains compounds known as phytoestrogens, which mimic estrogen.  As women age, estrogen levels decrease and women eventually go through menopause, an infamously uncomfortable time. Pueraria mirificia has been shown to help relieve symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes, vaginal dryness, irritability, and absent or irregular periods. This herb is also used as a topical therapy to help promote vaginal health and aid with bone health.  Pueraria mirifica helps with heart health, as the heart may be affected due to lower estrogen levels, especially in post meopausal women.  It also may slow the growth of cancerous cells and tumors.

pueraria mirifica plant

Fennel and Ginger

Fennel is a licorice tasting, crunchy herb that is known for being a digestive aid.  It can help aid with menstrual cramps, reduce gas, and act as a natural diuretic, detoxifying the body. Painful periods or dysmenorrhea is a common problem in women who often use over the counter painkillers to manage symptoms.  Fennel is a natural alternative without any harmful effects to the body with regular use.   Ginger is another natural herbal solution for period cramps and other symptoms of menstruation such as fatigue.  It will also help relieve any back pain or thigh pain associated with periods.

fennel and ginger

Cumin and Cinnamon

These natural spices are known for having a number of health benefits, which is why we suggest adding them to your food regularly for overall wellness.  Women struggling with irregular periods are constantly living in fear of getting their period at the worst possible time.  Wearing white is probably limited to the time directly after a period, just for the peace of mind that it cannot occur again for a few weeks.  Soaking cumin in water overnight and then drinking it each morning can help regulate your period.  It also helps promote weight loss and good digestion.  Cinnamon can help regulate periods by balancing hormones.You can easily mix cinnamon into just about any food recipe or mix it with milk.  When you do get your period, cinnamon has the added benefit of assisting with menstrual cramp relief. 

cumin and cinnamon

Chaste Tree Chasteberry

While not a fast acting herb, when taken over the course of a few months, women dealing with menorrhagia, also known as heavy menstrual bleeding should notice their periods getting a bit lighter.  This might sound like a miracle for many women who find themselves soaking through pads or tampons like they’re trying to hold together the Niagara Falls.  This is the best known herb in Europe for treatment of hormonal imbalances and has been used to relieve a full scope of menstrual related symptoms.  Shepherd’s purse is another natural herb, best known for its anti-bleeding properties,  For centuries, it has been used by women to treat heavy or long menstruation. 


Chaste tree berry white background

Women everywhere can probably relate to most, if not all of the issues we talked about above.  Before hitting up your local drug store and stocking up on chemically formulated treatment that may have negative side effects over long term usage or before considering any surgical options, natural herb and spice remedies can help produce the results you’re hoping for.  These are all naturally occurring substances that would be easy to incorporate into your daily life/diet.  Your body will feel better, which will help not only your physical well-being, but your mental health as well. 

At Herbal Revival, all of our herbal products are formulated with natural herbs sourced directly from ASIA.   We formulate the most potent formulas for men and women in our COA and GMP certified labs and we’re sure you’ll see results.  Let us help you kickstart your detox and weight loss journey in a healthy, natural, and manageable way.  Try our herbal skincare line today!


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