Who We Are

We started Herbal Revival as a husband and wife duo, inspired by our journey across Asia while on our honeymoon, three years ago. 

We have been working together for the past 8 years, selling natural beauty products, hoping to provide men and women worldwide with clean, herbal alternatives that are good for their bodies and help promote overall wellness.  Nature has provided us with the resources to gain premium results without the use of any chemicals or artificial ingredients. Our goal is to educate people about natural alternatives, while providing quality herbal products they can trust. 

Realizing this was our life’s calling, we decided to create our own line, Herbal Revival, crafting our own unique formulations with premium all natural herbs and spices directly from different parts of Asia. 

Our Beginnings

We have both always been interested in healthy lifestyles, choosing career paths in the wellness space (certified nutritionist and yoga instructor), which is part of what made us such an immediate good match for one another. 

Once married, we planned an extended honeymoon to Asia.  This is where we were first exposed to all the benefits of herbal medicine.  We realized there was so much knowledge about natural herbal remedies that was severely lacking in other parts of the world.  Most of the world has been focused on modern medicine and science, when so many natural, effective solutions have been around for centuries.

Our honeymoon was spent visiting renowned gurus and doctors of alternative medicine, learning everything we could about natural herbs and supplements.  We stayed in the villages where people were growing and using natural herbs in their daily lives and saw firsthand how medicines were made and used.  Fascinated by the centuries of knowledge available, we stayed in Asia for 9 months, traveling to different countries to learn about local herbal medicines including India, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos.

Inspired by the effectiveness of herbal alternatives, we began crafting our own unique formulations of herbal supplements that we wanted to share with the world.  We knew we wanted to ensure all herbs and spices used were fresh and locally grown in Asia, so we partnered with local plantations and found several factories that would be able to process herbs collected and produce potent formulas for our products.

Herbal Revival is an international brand, offering premium natural herbal supplements and skincare products, which continues to expand into other areas of natural herbal health and wellness today.

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